Giving access to quality healthcare
to developing countries

Emerging markets are underserved for a host of reasons: Trained specialists’ shortage, limited or outdated equipment, modern infrastructure unaffordability, excessive lag-times even for urgent situations, etc

HCK transforms this giant problem into an opportunity by enabling you to leapfrog into the present of innovation. Here is an analogy: Many countries had poor to non-existent landline telephone infrastructures. Did they try to catch up? No. They directly advanced to mobile telephony. The same phenomenon is happening in healthcare. HCK powers immediate access to the world’s highest standards in medical diagnostic at acceptable cost.

For professionals
We alleviate often intolerable burdens.
There are so few of them in certain areas that they can’t dedicate themselves to patients as much as they would like to. So, they need easy access to elaborate diagnosis tools
to complement their initial diagnosics,
guide their
interpretation of a case, spot hard-to-detect issues, and address emergencies with confidence. HCK allows them to serve patients as attentively as possible by
augmenting their insight capabilities and offering them an AI-based sounding board that shields them from errors due
to lack of time and logistical support.

For vendors
We help them showcase state-of-the-art

Our industry is full of amazing talents and researchers who want to make the world a better place. However for many of them, and even well-established organizations, accessing geographies where they are most sorely needed remains extremely difficult. HCK is a shared platform that powers shared expertise, and demonstrates what Healthcare as a service can be in the 21st century.

For patients
Expertise availability and speed of care
everywhere, anywhere.

Who wants to seek first care and evaluations tens of
kilometers away from one’s home and familiar environment? Very few people. Patients want to trust their local doctors
and organizations,
and feel looked after by them. HCK helps organizations and practitioners deliver on this fundamental human need and expectation.

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Lagos - Nigeria

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